Galaxy 94HP 10 Meter Radio W/Sideband 100 Plus Watts!

This is the Galaxy 94 High Power 10 Meter Amatuer Radio. Trust me when I say that this radio Walks the Dog and Kicks the Cat! Comparing the new Galaxy 94 HP to most other radios is like trying to compare a poodle to a PIT BULL! There is no comparison the Pit Bull eats the poodle up in a single bite and believe me the 94HP packs a hefty BITE! In Short The Galaxy 94 lays the smack down like few other radios can. This radio receives it's output from underneath the radio with two pairs of High Powered Mosfet Transistors that can deliver up to 100 plus watts of peak power and are cooled off by internal fans! I usually see well over 150 watts after SuperTuning the radio! Galaxy stands behind this bad boy with a two year warranty.

Based on the 94's looks, performance and durability it definately gets my stamp of approval. When When the wattage and modulation is turned up to it's sweet spot The Galaxy 94 becomes an absolute AUDIO MONSTER!

The Galaxy 94 is a GREAT all around choice for those who want to be heard! It doesn't matter if your a Trucker driver a hobbyist or a Mud Duck. The Galaxy 94 will NOT let you down. This is a SMOKING deal and won't last long! please don't cheap out and run the stock mic! it just wont do. the new Ranger 198 sounds awesome with this radio. The 94HP has AM, USB,LSB, New cool blue LED's with green backlighting, echo, talk-back, frequency counter, modulation meter, swr meter,wattage meter variable power and so on.

*Galaxy DX94HP 10 Meter Radio
*100+ watts AM, SSB
*Heat sink on bottom with 2 internal fans
*AM, SSB mobile
*Four IRF520 MOSFET Finals
*Volume, Squelch, Mic Gain
*Variable RF Gain Control (cuts down close by signals to elimanate distortion)
*Variable RF power
*SWR meter
*Dual Echo Controls on front panel with Echo on/off switch
*Voice Changer (VC) Changes pitch of voice via the rear echo control.
*Adjustable talk-back control
*Dual Clarifier Control
*Blue Frequency Counter and Channel Display LED's
* "Star Light" faceplate with backlit blue writing
*Mic jack on left side



Galaxy 94HP
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