Mirage 36 HP 10 Meter Radio

The Mirage MX-36HP is a FIRST of it's Kind 10 Meter Unit with this smaller size chassis! The size of the unit is Identical to the Cobra 29 or Uniden 78.  It's also the same size chassis as the Galaxy DX-919, 929 & the Galaxy 979.

This Unit Easily Fits into Semi Truck 'Overhead' Compartments that are designed for the Cobra 29's!

If you purchase this unit SuperTuned The Wattage After Tuning is Roughly around 60 watts Pep! The radio's receive is great!

Comes with your choice of a Ranger SRA-198 Mic, an Astatic 636 mic, or a Workman 56 Mic (I think the Workman 56 sounds best with this unit)

Radio Will Be in Your Hands Within 7 to 11 business days at max!

*Front Mount 4 Pin Microphone

*6 'Band' Selector Knob

*Dual Control Echo
*Variable RF Power
*Variable Talk-back Control
*3 Position Dimmer Switch
*Blue Channel LED's
*PA Capable
*10 KHZ Switch
*Instant Channel 19 Access Switch
*Antenna Warning Indicator Light
*Dual Mosfet Finals 
*Large Rear Mounted Heat Sink
For Cooling
*Cool Powder Blue High Gloss Face Plate
*New 'Yellow' Style S/RF Meter that Features
*Built in SWR Meter
(So there is no need to buy an extra SWR Meter to Tune your Antenna System)
*1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Mirage 36HP 199.95 at BigMouth CB
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