Wilson 5000 Magnet or Trunk Mount Antenna W-Coax

My Customers Always Ask Me What Kind Of Antenna Do I recommend. My Answer Is The Wilson!

The Wilson 5000 Is My Top Choice of Any Antenna! The Magnet Mount Is An Awesome Way To Easily Get Top Performance With Very Little Effort Becuase It's So Easy To Install. Great For Cars,Trucks & Vans.


*High Power ability To Handle 5,000 Watts AM, 20,000 Watts SSB (ICAS)
*Made with high impact Mobay Thermoplastic
*62" 17-7 PH Tapered spring stainless steel whip
*Frequency range 26 MHz to 30 MHz
*1 Year Wilson Warranty
*Weather Channel Ready
*Rated at 5000 Watts AM, 20,000 Watts SSB
*Made with high impact Black Mobay Thermoplastic
*2 Year Guarantee by "Wilson Antenna"
*Exclusive low loss coil design
*Heavy Duty Magnet Mount,& Coax Included

The Wilson 5000 is the top performing base loaded CB antenna for the automobile. Wilson used the basic design of the Wilson Trucker 5000 with the exclusive low loss coil and proven performance qualities of the Wilson 1000. The Wilson trademark of designing an antenna with maximum efficiency is continued in the Wilson 5000.

Extensive research and engineering efforts showed that a 6 gauge solid copper wire with a properly designed coil, displayed excellent performance characteristics. And though copper is one of the best RF conductors available - silver is even better. Wilson combined the best of both worlds by using 100% pure silver to heavily plate completely over the large solid copper wire. This means that using the Wilson design techniques, the Wilson 5000 will outperform all other base loaded antennas available.

With the 5000 made from solid 3/16" copper silver plated wire, and the special design of the floating coil, it will not ice up, stop working even in severe winter conditions. There is no chance of the coil windings cracking from freeze up.

The Wilson 5000 is over 65% larger than the famous Wilson 1000, and designed specifically for users who want the best antenna and have to ability to withstand some power applied to it. The Wilson 5000 will handle 5000 watts AM, 20,000 watts SSB (ICAS ratings).

Wilson's engineering quality, design, and attention to details is the key to the high performance. The Wilson 5000's performance and power handling abilities will prove itself the first time extra performance is needed to break through the noise on the air.

With 30 years of knowledge and engineering experience in the design of antennas, Wilson has become the recognized leader in CB Mobile antennas. The Wilson 5000 is now the choice of the serious CBer.

All of these are the reasons you get a 2-year guarantee!
Wilson 5000 Magnet Mount Antenna With Coax Only $74.95 at BigMouth CB
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